Brandymore Castle

Eight miles high. Lightly touched down.

Folkstreams is a collection of video documentaries on American roots culture available to the public and educators free of charge, incorporating articles and transcriptions enriching the experience of viewing and study or teaching guides. It's been called "a national preserve" and "a documentary fiend's heaven." I have been responsible for the technical development of Folkstreams since 2002 to present.
I became interested in photography at an early age, and it stuck with me throughout my life. You can see some of my work on Flickr.
Autumn leaves / brightest colors / in the rain
I write haiku and post them at @haikuoftheday on Twitter.
David Bull's Mokuhankan where you can purchase handcrafted woodblock prints made in the traditional Japanese way, or even find some using modern computer methods to make woodblock prints.